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No Man’s Sky review: I wanted a first-rate trading game, but got a second-rate first-person shooter

When No Man’s Sky was announced at E3 2014 — 2 years ago! — I was ready to throw my pre-order cash down immediately. I even fangirled over it in my Game of the Year 2014 roundup. Continue reading “No Man’s Sky review: I wanted a first-rate trading game, but got a second-rate first-person shooter”

LifeSky just sent me my new favourite travel mug

Choosing a travel coffee mug ain’t easy. Continue reading “LifeSky just sent me my new favourite travel mug”

Incite Elite microfibre travel towel set review

Packing light is tough when you’re camping for a week. On my last trip, when I was slogging between the tent and the shower block, I wished I’d picked up a super-thin microfibre towel to try out, instead of the huge cotton towel I grabbed from my bathroom on the way out. Continue reading “Incite Elite microfibre travel towel set review”

Camping at Ashe Farm

Alex and I went camping at Ashe Farm in Taunton last month, and it’s an awesome little site! Continue reading “Camping at Ashe Farm”

That Star Trek: Discovery “Test Flight” teaser

In the wee hours of the morning, I skimmed through the latest news coming out of Comic-Con 2016. That’s how I heard the announcement that the new Star Trek TV show had a name — Star Trek: Discovery — and a ship — USS Discovery, NCC-1031and a teaser trailer. Continue reading “That Star Trek: Discovery “Test Flight” teaser”

Shields Down – Rands in Repose

Resignations happen in a moment, and it’s not when you declare, “I’m resigning.” The moment happened a long time ago when you received a random email from a good friend who asked, “I know you’re really happy with your current gig because you’ve been raving about it for a year, but would you like to come visit Our Company? No commitment. Just coffee.”

via Shields Down – Rands in Repose Continue reading “Shields Down – Rands in Repose”

Animal Crossing Noir: a dark new audio drama

I’m a big fan of Animal Crossing, with the typical Animal-Crossing-player caveat; real life keeps getting in the way, and I move into a new village at least once or twice a year. Continue reading “Animal Crossing Noir: a dark new audio drama”

My review of Delta Comfort+: FUCK NO

I’ve flown with Delta a few times before, and it’s never been fun. They’re not my first choice to keep returning to, but they’re my employer’s preferred carrier, so what can I do? Continue reading “My review of Delta Comfort+: FUCK NO”

I’m off to Minnesota! Let’s book that Delta flight…

I’ve got a little trip to Minnesota coming up next month! It’s just a dash-and-back for work, but it feels good to have some travel on my mind. Continue reading “I’m off to Minnesota! Let’s book that Delta flight…”

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