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TokyoTreat October 2016: Autumn & Halloween! OM NOM NOM NOM

I wolfed down September’s TokyoTreat box pretty quick last month, so I’ve been keeping a keen eye out for October’s TokyoTreat box.

And here it is!
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This Fnova umbrella is tough, windproof and huge

A month or so ago, I was walking home in a storm. The rain was pounding, the wind was howling, and my umbrella kept flipping inside-out. Continue reading “This Fnova umbrella is tough, windproof and huge”

We are working ourselves to death. We call it cancer or heart disease or auto-immune disease and that’s fine. But just below the surface, beyond the label, we know the truth because it’s something we’ve felt our entire lives. Before the doctors gave it a name, we felt it. We are all dying of the same thing … a gaping hole in our heart, a lack of love, a sense that we’re not good enough, a belief that we’re unlovable.

And so we work … and work … and work in hopes of filling the hole or, at the very least, distracting ourselves enough to forget about the pain. But it’s all life in the end, and we all end up addressing the hole at one point or another. For some this comes as a trip to the therapist, for others a trip to the oncologist.

via Beyond Working Ourselves To Death – Jason Garner

London 2012 photo weekend

Here’s another blast from the past! Continue reading “London 2012 photo weekend”

iPhone Upgrade Programme UK: MIA

Last week, I laid out why I’m tempted to grab an iPhone 7 Plus. I made a reservation at the Exeter Apple Store to apply for the iPhone Upgrade Programme and pick one up on release date.

So, how did the reservation go? Nyyyyyyygh.
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Some photos of Exeter from July 2011

Another upload from the archives! Continue reading “Some photos of Exeter from July 2011”

Why I’m (maybe) switching back to iPhone

About six months ago, I switched from iPhone to Android. I had an iPhone 6, and I traded it for a Nexus 5, quickly followed by a Nexus 6P. Continue reading “Why I’m (maybe) switching back to iPhone”

Minnesota trip & photos! …a bit late!

I went to Minneapolis back in April and I forgot to share my photos. Oops…!
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I started a TokyoTreat subscription: here we go!

Back in February, TokyoTreat sent me a premium box to review. It’s taken me a few months, but I’ve decided to become a paying customer! Continue reading “I started a TokyoTreat subscription: here we go!”

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