Oh no, it's…
Cariad Eccleston

Cariad Eccleston

say it with me: "carry-add eh-cull-stun"

Hey there!

I’m Cariad. Or, Cari to my friends. I put BSc (Hons) on the end when I’m feeling sexy. So, just Cari is fine.

I’m a Software Team Lead for an awesome tax & accounting web platform during the day, and a blogger at getcodelove.com by night.

I’m working on a non-fiction book about numbers, and a novel about magical meteorites. You’re bound to want at least one of those, right?


I am interested in:

  • Pleasant notes from old friends.
  • Paid writing gigs.
  • Blogging from Mars.

I am not interested in:

  • Backing your terrible crowdfunding project.
  • Revewing your cheap tat for Amazon.
  • That one recruiter who thinks I’m perfect for the Customer Support role she’s trying to fill for Best Buy in Wisconsin and won’t - let - it - go. Stop it, lady.

You can email me at cariad@cariad.me, but only if you promise not to be horrible.

You can also catch me on Twitter at @cariadeccleston.