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NaNoWriMo 2017 :: Day 10/30 :: 15,016 words

10 November 2017

Ah, targets feel great when you hit them!

I set myself the goal of hitting 15,000 words today, and I had to write a little beyond my bed time, but I did it!

Word count!

I’m wrapping up today at 15,016 words!

15,016 words written

That’s 176 words over my target for today! It’s been too long since I was last over-target, and I still have a ton of catch-up to do tomorrow.

176 words over target

Even though I hit my target for today, I’m still under-target for the month.

Like I said, a ton of catch-up to do tomorrow.

Tracking below goal

So, what’s new?

I’ve been working on the build-up to the antagonist’s first direct attack against our heroes, about a quarter into the second act. I’ve found myself jumping around scenes a lot: realising I need to establish something, so going back to add it in, then realising that sets up a comedic bit, so then I spin forward to add the pay-off, then I go back to the story, and so on.

And it’s going awesome!

Here’s one example of an expanded idea:

In the outline, I had this one character who only merited a one-line mention, just to explain how immediate long-distance communication works in this world. The character was going to be one-half of a telepathically-connected pair, who communicate by controlling the other’s body to write notes on parchment.

…and that’s really all I needed to explain. The character wasn’t important. I only needed the fact that this communication happens.

Well, I had a scene where I needed Esthree to talk to someone “in the know” on what’s going on in the story, and it made perfect sense for it to be one half of this pair. The guy’s basically got nothing to do except wait for messages, so he’s got time to explain the mayhem descending around them.

And then I figured, he could demonstrate his job to her now, so it’s not too weird and out-of-the-blue later. And it’s great, because the other half of the pair is right there, so Esthree (and we) can see the effects.

Then I considered that physically taking over someone’s body just to write a “test - please ignore” message is kinda hilarious, so boom – there’s an opportunity for a smile.

So I wrote that, and I read it back, and I considered how that “magic” worked. I hit the obvious opportunity for comedy, but then I realised it could be twisted into something tragic. I ain’t gonna spoil it, but I was struck by how this casual conversation could set a chain of events in motion which crank up the antagonist and trigger his attack in a couple of chapters.

And this is awesome! I bloody love this! I’m creating a world, setting it in motion, and figuring out to make every scene and every character contribute something. It’s like a 50,000 word puzzle, and I’ve got a month to solve it.

I - bloody - love - this!

The plan for tomorrow

The basic plan is: Get up at 5am, and write ‘til I can’t.

It’s a big goal, but I really, really want to hit 19,000 words tomorrow. It’ll be a huge boost, and put me back on track for winning at the end of the month.