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NaNoWriMo 2017 :: Day 11/30 :: 19,007 words

11 November 2017

Another productive day!

Just as I’d planned, I got up at 5am and I starting throwing up words.

It was a bit of a slog, because I’ve hit the scenes I didn’t have time to outline during Preptober – but I’m winging it, and it’s going okay.

Word count!

And I’m wrapping up today at 19,007 words!

19,007 words written

That’s 2,242 words above and beyond my target for today! Yeah, baby!

2,242 words over target

Check out that green line! Check out that last-minute curve! I’m over the red line!

Tracking above goal

What’s new?

This morning started with the main antagonist’s first attack against our heroes.

He wanted to solve the same problem as Esthree (i.e. save the world) but his ego and poor treatment of others got in the way. His attempt failed, and it’s all on him. He’s humiliated, and dangerous. Our heroes don’t stand a chance of snapping him out of it, so they run like hell to find another plan.

Of course, they run into a series of challenges – and more antagonists to trip them up – but with smarts and cunning, they end up exactly where they need to be for the midpoint of the story, and for Esthree’s revelation of how she can save the world.

And that’s where I’m at.

From this point onwards, Esthree has a solid theory on how she can save the world and a plan for how to achieve it, but she’ll need to find some courage, face her enemy, and maybe sacrifice everything for the world, her friends, and her love.

I made water come out my eyes

Of all the characters I’ve written so far, Hurrible has changed the most.

She started out as a one-liner comic relief in the outline, then became some kind of burly warrior princess to join Esthree on her journey, and now…

Now, Hurrible’s a dragon-whisperer. She takes care of the dragons (aka “the fleet”) for_ Les Agence des Dragons et Étoiles et Choses_. She’s a warm and friendly soul, but if you hurt her dragons then she’ll break your nose – or worse.

With Les Agence des Dragons et Étoiles et Choses basically being the fantasy version of 1960’s NASA, the “fleet” are used for high-altitude measurements, geographic mapping, and all that other good scientific stuff to figure out the nature of our world and… well, everything. The dragons are well-trained, well-cared-for, and happy. And when the dragons are happy, Hurrible is happy.

Well, naturally, things can’t stay happy for long. Nothing personal, folks, it’s just storytelling. When Esthree’s antagonist – Adminwizard Fiscal Gaap of Les Agence des Dragons et Étoiles et Choses – puts his plan to save the world into motion, there’s a chance that some of those dragons won’t be coming back.

It kills Hurrible to not know if she’s saying goodbye to them for the last time. On the slim chance that Esthree – being a fortune teller – might know, Hurrible asks her.

Esthree does know.

…and you can imagine.

I just hope I can get it on the page as vividly as I see it in my head. Let’s see how it goes.

The plan for tomorrow

I managed 4,000 words today, so let’s set that as a goal for tomorrow. 24 hours from now, I want to be telling you that I’m at 23,000 words.

That should get me roughly from the story’s midpoint – with Esthree realising how to save the world and putting her plan into action – up to the second confrontation with her antagonist.

I hope you’re all having fun with your NaNoWriMo projects! See you tomorrow!