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NaNoWriMo 2017 :: Day 16/30 :: 24,389 words

16 November 2017

Running behind… running behind…

After yesterday’s breakthrough and word-blast, I’m back to outlining.

I’m just reaching the end of the second act now, and starting to build up to the amazeballs third act. I’ve got a bunch of notes that basically list “this happens”, “then this happens”, “then this happens”. This means I know how the story’s gonna go through to the end – generally – but I can’t get my head into word-vomit mode until I’ve got a scene broken down. I need a beginning, and end, and a point.

I’ve spent a couple of hours tonight trying to outline to that much detail. It’s going well, but it hardly adds to the word count.

If nothing else, at least the last three scenes of the second act are a bit more known, and I’m really, really hoping to get a couple of thousand words out the next time I open my laptop. That’ll probably be Saturday night, since Alex is coming over tomorrow.

Anyway! I’m at 24,389 words!

24,389 words written

That’s 994 words under my target for today, though. I should’ve been at 25,000 yesterday, and I still ain’t. And look at that target for tomorrow! I’m creeping a little too close to needing 2,000 words every night to catch up.

994 words under target

Should I give up?

Oh gods, no! I’m not even tempted. It’s going to be a challenge to catch up, but the - whole - point - of - NaNoWriMo - is - to - challenge - yourself! If it’s easy, then why bother? Right?

But if you are finding yourself a bit behind and overwhelmed and considering quitting NaNoWriMo – don’t! Please!

I’ve been trying for years to finish a novel. What stopped me from finishing? Myself. Just myself. I look back now at years of wasted evenings and weekends, and – gods – it kills a part of me inside now to realise I could’ve published five, six, maybe seven novels in all that time.

If you need some pep to keep you going through the rest of the month, check out Kathryn DeSinaasappelen, who I recently discovered and – oh boy – I love her vlogs!

She’s right. I’m right. Just keep writing! You can finish this novel! Even if you don’t finish it until December, January, February… it doesn’t matter.

You’re gonna finish a novel!