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NaNoWriMo 2017 :: Day 18/30 :: 25,158 words

18 November 2017

Good news: I hit 25,000 words! Bad news: I hit it a few days too late…

Yesterday & today

I spent yesterday evening with Alex, so I didn’t get any words down and I didn’t post an update. So far, that’s two days this month with no word count.

I’ll be away on a day-job business trip in the last week of November too, so I’m expecting a few more no-word days coming up.

Basically, I’m more behind than I think I am. Gulp.

Alex left for work a couple of hours ago, so I’ve been back on the words. I decided to spend some time this evening working on outlining and preparation so I can hit the ground running tomorrow and get 9+ hours of word-vomit going.

Word count

Since I’ve mostly been planning, there isn’t a huge word count leap today. I’m wrapping up at 25,158 words.

25,158 words written

That’s 1,201 words under my target for today – and whoa, my under-performing streak has built up a ton of work for tomorrow.

1,201 words under target

Check out my target graph. The straight red line is my target, and the green wriggly line is my actual word count. I’ve been under-target for nearly a week now.

Tracking below goal

The plan for tomorrow

I reckon I’ve got the next bunch of scenes outlined pretty well, so I should be able to hit them pretty hard tomorrow.

My minimum goal for tomorrow is 30,000 words. It’s a stretch, but it’s do-able if I can get my head in the zone.

That said, hitting 32,000 words would be awesome because it would put me right back on target.

Let’s see how I get on…