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NaNoWriMo 2017 :: Day 21/30 :: 32,154 words

21 November 2017


Well, the plan told me to get 1,000 words down tonight, and I nailed it again! I’m at 32,154 words!

32,154 words written

Whoa, that got dark

So, I’m neck-deep in the third act. I went in with a relatively simple outline: go into battle, defeat the world-threatening problem, then go home.

And the thing with tonight’s writing session is, I’ve been massively in the mood for ruining our heroes’ lives. All of a sudden, there have been two_ murders_. Two stabbings. Two threats to literally & magically boil people to death. Our scientist can’t use her hands. Esthree is about to lose her girlfriend. Hurrible’s contribution (i.e. knocking the villain out on his ass) felt good, but it ain’t solving the problem.

Our heroes are broken and exhausted and out of time. There’s no way to save everyone, and now they have to decide if they want to die within hours, or days.

It’s bloody bleak.

….but Esthree is about to make a leap that could turn everything around.

The plan for tomorrow

Gotta do another 1,000 words. Gotta be at 33,000 words tomorrow night. Let’s do it.