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NaNoWriMo 2017 :: Day 22/30 :: 33,057 words

22 November 2017

Nyarp! Another evening down, and another 1,000 words in.

The plan told me I needed 1,000 words tonight, and I got ‘em – and I’m up to 33,057 words!

33,057 words written

What’s new

Yesterday’s contributions got a bit dark, but things are looking up today! Esthree has just figured out how to solve everything.

In fact, here’s a snip from the draft:

“Whoa. Hang on. I think I’ve thought of something. I think I can save everyone.”

“You think?

“Yeah… it’s going to be tricky without a fish, though.”

Trust me: that fish MacGuffin has been set up since the first chapter, reinforced at the midpoint, and… wow, I’m just realising now that it’s all in aid of a throw-away joke at the end.

Meh. Fish are funny, right?

The plan for tomorrow

1,000 words. Just 1,000 words. Gotta get my head down and vomit out those 1,000 words.