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NaNoWriMo 2017 :: Day 2/30 :: 2,624 words

02 November 2017


After yesterday’s shenanigans, I - did - not - sleep - a - wink.

But still, this morning, I showered okay. I got dressed okay. I packed my bag okay. And then I was ready to go to my day-job, and… nope.

Nope, nope, nope.

I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t get myself on the bus.

So I emailed my boss to book the day off as vacation, and sat on the sofa all day.

Gee, I bet you got a ton of words out!


Nope, nope, nope.

I just couldn’t get in the game.

It’s not so much that I’ve been distracted. It’s more that my brain has shut down.

From 7am through to 7pm, I only managed to up my word count to a pitiful 2,624 words.

2,624 words written

It’s 484 words over my daily target which is nice, but I’ve got another meaty target tomorrow to make up for yesterday’s shambles.

484 words over target

NaNoWriMo tip of the day!

Don’t forget: a first draft is a first draft. It’s not a “first attempt at perfection” or even a “first pass at editing.”

It’s just a draft.

Don’t worry about finding the right words.

Don’t worry about leaving gaps and filling them in later.

Don’t - stop - writing - no - matter - what.

Just stream-of-consciousness that shit out of your system, and edit later.

See, check out my first act so far:

Ulysses circles

The circle on the right of each sheet fills up as I approach 1,000 words. You can see, I’m not trying to fill each sheet fully as I go.

In scene 1, I got just over half-way before I realised I needed to come back and fill out some details.

I barely touched scene 4, because it’s… well, spoiler alert, it’s a future-vision of an event which happens much later in the story. I figured it would make sense to skip it now, and go back to it after I’ve written the event it foreshadows.

Scene 6, on the other hand, got me in the zone, and I almost got my full 1,000 words in there already. I skipped some details though, because I’m still learning who these characters are, and I want to come back and finish the scene later when I know them better.

My point is: don’t commit yourself to beginning-to-end writing and hold yourself up. Just stream those words out, and leave blockers for later.

Plan for tomorrow

I’ve got another day booked off from my day-job, and I’m so done with the self-pity. I refuse to carry it over.

So, I’m planning for at least eight hours of unadulterated word-splurge.

See you tomorrow!