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NaNoWriMo 2017 :: Day 3/30 :: 6,040 words

03 November 2017

Now we’re cooking on gas!

I promised myself I’d move on from yesterday’s bad feelings, and I did. It’s behind me.


After a day of focus, I’m up to 6,040 words!

6,040 words written

That’s an awesome 1,724 words over today’s target!

1,724 words over target

Even considering my piss-poor start, I’m slightly over-target overall – so tomorrow’s target is a smidge less than 1,667.


During Preptober, I mentioned that a bunch of scenes (around #19-#23) still needed a ton of work.

I’ve spent most of this afternoon writing Esthree’s confrontation with her first antagonist in the first act, and… well, he was only supposed to be there so she could demonstrate her abilities, then he was supposed to disappear and live the rest of his life outside of the story.

It turns out that I totally got in the zone while I was writing him, and I realised: whoa, this guy’s gonna go on the run to the same location that Esthree ends up in scene #19.

And now maybe – maybe – I can have some fun with those later scenes!

The lesson here is: planning is good, but organic discovery is great.

Plan for tomorrow

I’m wrapping up a bit earlier than usual tonight because Alex will be here in about an hour and I need to straighten up the empty cans of Irn-Bru dumped on the sofa.

I won’t start writing tomorrow until after 5pm, and then maybe only until around 8pm. I might have an early night and catch up on some podcasts.

So, the plan for tomorrow is to take it easy.

I hope everyone’s doing great!