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NaNoWriMo 2017 :: Day 4/30 :: 6,679 words

04 November 2017

I’m big time a morning writer.

…and Alex came over today, so I only started writing after 5pm.

…and bloody hell, I can’t work after 5pm.

I got myself as far at 6,679 words, and I’m done for tonight.

6,679 words written

I’m a whopping 989 words under my target for today, but I did awesome yesterday, so it averages out okay.

989 words below target

Plan for tomorrow

The basic plan is: get up early, and hack out some words!

There are only a couple of scenes left in the first act, so maybe tomorrow I’ll finish them up? I’ll want the first act to be around 13,000 words in the final draft, but it looks like it’ll be around 8,000 in this speedy underwritten first draft. But that’s okay! I’ll hop back later and fill out the detail when I’ve got a better idea of what it needs to be.

But anyway, I’m off to bed now to catch up on some podcasts. See ya bright and early tomorrow!