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NaNoWriMo 2017 :: Day 5/30 :: 10,045 words

05 November 2017

There’s the big ten-kay!

I’ve had the whole day to work on my words, and it’s been awesome.

My first pass of the first act is done, so I’m steaming into the second act and punching through that 10,000 word milestone. I’m wrapping up today with 10,045 words.

10,045 words written

That puts me 1,700 words over my target for today! I have a feeling I’ll be counting on that credit tomorrow since I’ll be out all morning, but I’m going to try to stay ahead.

1,700 words over target

A peek at the setting and characters

I don’t really have anything interesting to say about my progress – it’s just been words, really – but I thought I’d share a peek at the setting and characters I’m working on.

So, Esthree Postbuild vs the Void Rock is a fantasy story set on Earth with human beings, but in the vague and distant future. The actual timeline is irrelevant; all that matters is that humanity is surviving, living simpler lives, and leaning more on magic than science or technology. Not everyone can wield magic, but everyone benefits from it.

Specifically, the story opens in Exmuf on the south coast of England. It’s a small seaside town, surviving on tourist trade and markets. To the west is the port city of Plimuf, where ships come and go, importing and exporting the county’s trade.

Some of the big imports are – as you’d imagine – alcohol and drugs. Folks in this world smoke a legal recreational drug called jazz to take the edge off the stress of modern life. For the milder folks, there’s soft jazz. The best place in Exmuf for coffee and jazz is undoubtedly Affogato Ninebar’s little shop.

The hero of our story is Esthree Postbuild, a young woman employed as a teller – a fortune teller, or someone with the ability to see a person’s future. Her gift comes naturally to her up to a point, but her training has refined it, and she smokes old-time jazz to bring the visions into focus.

Her boss is Eitchar Process, who owns and runs the fortune-telling business for tourists, but takes the big money from criminals who need to stay a step ahead of the law. Esthree is caught between a rock and a hard place; she’s repulsed by helping criminals evade justice, but this job is all she’s qualified to do, and she’s got debts to pay. If only tellers could see their own future, eh?

Esthree’s life is spun around when she meets Bolide Blueshift, a scientist for ADEC: Les Agence des Dragons et Étoiles et Choses (or: the Agency of Dragons and Stars and Things). Bolide knows a terrible, world-changing secret, and she’s lost all hope of being able to make a difference. Esthree unwittingly gives her a spark, and maybe – just maybe – things can turn out okay.

Along the way, they meet Fiscal Gaap, the Lord Adminwizard of ADEC, and Hurrible (the Turrible), ADEC’s chief dragon wrangler, along with a crew of assassins, villains, and Dragons’ Rights Activists.

Together, they learn that – sometimes – a little persuasion is better than blowing things up, and that rich people always win.

The plan for tomorrow

I’ll be out in the morning for coffee with my buds Andy and Mark, then back home for an afternoon of word vomit. I’ll be back at my day-job after tomorrow, so I need to make that afternoon count.

See ya then!