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NaNoWriMo 2017 :: Day 7/30 :: 12,772 words

07 November 2017

Hey, did you folks know that writing is fun?

Writing the first act last week was a bit of a slog. I didn’t have a very strong idea of what was going on, so I drafted out a framework and planned for coming back later.

Well, now I’m a chapter into the second act and – wow – it’s coming together!

The last few thousand words have introduced:

  • Assassins.
  • Dragons.
  • Evil Ruling Elite.
  • Threats from the Evil Ruling Elite to blow up dragons.
  • Threats from the Dragons’ Rights Activists to blow up Evil Ruling Elite.
  • Reinforcing foreshadowing for the midpoint and finalé.
  • Stories of weakness and regret when our heroes were not heroic.
  • …and, most importantly: Laying the setup for my favourite joke of the novel.

I’ve been super-jazzed to crack on with these threads, but – as I suspected would happen – I got home from my day-job exhausted and ready for bed already.

But! I pushed through, and got myself to 12,772 words.

12,772 words written

It’s a measly 27 words over my target for today, but I’m still overall over-target.

27 words over target

The plan for tomorrow

Keep going!

Just - keep - going!