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NaNoWriMo 2017 :: Day 9/30 :: 13,082 words

09 November 2017

Okay… this is getting bad now…

Lunchtime word sprint

Lunchtime rolled in, and I settled down for a 30-minute sprint. I got a couple of hundred words out.

Then Stu asked if I fancied a walk to the pasty shop.

And I said yes.

…then home

My new apartment block manager came to visit this evening, to introduce herself and sort out the new rent payments and all that stuff.

I was too busy cleaning before she arrived, and I was too damned wiped out to write afterwards.

So I just listened to the Steven Universe soundtrack and cried.

Steven Universe gives me life.

Word count

I’m wrapping today up at 13,082 words.

13,082 words written

That’s a whopping 1,382 words below my target for today. Yowser. Tomorrow’s going to be tough.

1,382 words below target

I’m way below the target line now. I’ve got some real catchup to do!

Tracking below goal

The plan for tomorrow

There’s nothing weird on my radar for the next week or so. I really, really ought to be able to get my head in the game tomorrow.

I’ll be strong at lunchtime. I’ll get my head down and write.

And sadly, Alex won’t be coming over tomorrow night. This sucks. But maybe I’ll be able to block out the world and get some words out.

I’d love to hit 15,000 words tomorrow. I need 17,000 to get over the red line, but 15,000 would be lovely.