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Preptober 2017: Day 24/31

24 October 2017

Okay. This could work.

I posted on Sunday about the germ of an idea.

Well, it rolled around my head all night. And it seemed to hold together.

Then it became a super-rough outline. And it seemed to hold together.

Then I kneaded it into three acts. And it seemed to hold together.

Then I started breaking it out into scenes. So far, I’m 22 out of 50 done. And still, it seems to hold together.

So now, I’m feeling pretty confident and proud to share the blurb for Esthree Postbuild and the Agency of Dragons and Stars and Things!

Esthree Postbuild is a simple fortune-teller, employed by the corporate spell-crafting service industry in a sandy seaside town. She sees the fates of thieves, the troubles tracking traders, and the tequilas that’ll torment tonight’s tourists tomorrow.

Then one day, she sees the end of the world.

And who’s going to save it?

Bolide Blueshift, a brilliant mathematician on the run from assassins?

The Grey Monks of the Moors, whose ancient caravans haunt the misty tors?

Hurrible the Turrible, the angriest warrior in the county with his own recreational explosives?

The Agency of Dragons and Stars and Things, who seem like the kind of folk who should know about this kind of thing?

Or maybe — just maybe — Esthree will have to do something about it herself.

Esthree Postbuild and the Agency of Dragons and Stars and Things is a 50,000-word fantasy comedy with drugs, dragons, and Devonians.

It’s all subject to change, of course – but there ain’t much time left.

So, there it is! That’s the story I’ll be planning for the next week, and smashing out in November.