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Writing Super Powers and Magical Abilities (via Jenna Moreci)

06 October 2017

I’ve never written a story with magic in it… until now. That’s the sort of thing that NaNoWriMo will do to you!

I’ve got a solid idea in my head for how magic will work in my world, but no experience at all in writing it.

As luck would have it, this video from Jenna Moreci (who, by the way, I recently started tipping on Patreon) appeared in my YouTube recommendations, and it’s awesome!

As usual, I’m not going to rip off the video and just transcribe the details, but here are the bullet notes so I can search and find this post later:

  1. Describe what your characters can do.
  2. Describe what your characters cannot do.
  3. Describe your character’s weakness.
  4. Describe how it feels to use their power.
  5. Consider associating verbs with their power.
  6. Describe what the power means to your character.

For all the detail, check out the video and the rest of Jenna’s channel!