My 16-week writing plan

Nyargh. This weekly update is a day late because I’ve been wiped the fuck out by food poisoning.

But apart from that…

It’s been a great week!

Last week, I was still working on the four main characters’ 4,000-word point-of-view summaries.

And now they’re done!

And — oh boy — it was definitely worth doing that. All of the (many, many) previous drafts of this story failed because they were really just sequences of characters doing things. I really needed to spend this time getting each character’s point-of-view so I could figure out their authentic goals and motivations.

So, that netted me 16,000 words in total, and then I split the summaries out into scenes across eight plot beats:

I was happy to see that my summaries were fairly well-spread across the eight beats. There’s a bit of bias toward the beginning, but I’ve never — never! — understood the ending as well as I do now.

This is going to be a ton of fun to write!

My 16-week writing plan

I reckon I write about 5,000 words per week on average, which means it’ll take me around two weeks to wrap up each beat.

So, here’s my 16-week writing plan:

  • 8th July: Beat 1/8 is 50% done.
  • 15th July: Beat 1/8 is done.
  • 22nd July: Beat 2/8 is 50% done.
  • 29th July: Beat 2/8 is done.
  • 5th August: Beat 3/8 is 50% done.
  • 12th August: Beat 3/8 is done.
  • 19th August: Beat 4/8 is 50% done.
  • 26th August: Beat 4/8 is done.
  • 2nd September: Beat 5/8 is 50% done.
  • 9th September: Beat 5/8 is done.
  • 16th September: Beat 6/8 is 50% done.
  • 23rd September: Beat 6/8 is done.
  • 30th September: Beat 7/8 is 50% done.
  • 7th October: Beat 7/8 is done.
  • 14th October: Beat 8/8 is 50% done.
  • 21st October: Beat 8/8 is done.

And that’s about all I can handle

I’m so wiped out from this food poisoning, but it feels amazing to have this plan laid out. I hope your 2018 goals are going well, too!

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