Week 9/13: 65,748 words

I didn’t quite get 5,000 words down this week, but I am still on the 13-week schedule. I needed to have Beat 6 done by today; it’s done, and I’m 3,199 words into Beat 7.

Now that there are fewer scenes ahead than there are behind, I definitely feel myself struggling and slowing down. At the beginning of a story, you can do anything you want. In the middle, add a twist and make it exciting. But here at the end, I’m trying to make it all meaningful, and it’s tough.

I’m working on paying-off the foreshadowing, demonstrating everyone’s changes at the end of their arcs, and figuring out a satisfying ending. Maybe “tough” isn’t the right word? Maybe the word I’m after is intimidating.

I keep reminding myself that I can fix the theme, establishing of details, pacing, and all that in the edit. This is just the first draft, I say. It’s just a stream of consciousness, I say. Just tell the story without flourish, I say.

Yeah, well, I don’t necessarily believe everything I tell myself.

There’s a fine story in here somewhere, I’m sure. I’m just not confident that I can pull it off. Of course, we’ll see! I’m not even a bit tempted to quit. It would just suck if it… well, sucked.

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