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Don't tell anyone, but I think this outlining is going pretty well

01 April 2018

Last week, I set myself this goal:

Right now, I’m about half-way through the first act. It would be nice to have that act done by the end of the week.

And – by some measures – I hit it! And I’m at 7,488 words!

7,488 words written

Here’s the thing: there are three characters I need to introduce in the first act: Esthree Postbuild, Bolide Blueshift, and Fiscal Gaap.

I’ve been focussing on Esthree, since she’s the main character. Not only is her first act outlined pretty well, but I’ve got the structure of her third act and a bunch of scenes for her second act mapped out too. Since she’s the main character, this means the overall story is coming together pretty well.

Before I solidify any of her story too tightly, though, I’m going to integrate Bolide’s and Fiscal’s stories. There are times when they work together, and there are times when they work apart. Since Esthree’s story is the scaffolding, I needed to get that in first. Now that I have it well enough, I’m working on Bolide’s story next.

Who are these characters?

Since the character designs are kinda planned out now, I thought it might be interesting to share a bit about them!

The story is set during the Age of Ley; a time in our future that’s much as it is now, except magic is commonplace and science is being rediscovered – or, reinterpreted – through this new perspective.

Esthree Postbuild is a teller – a “fortune teller” – in a little seaside down on the south west coast of England. She’s just another cog in the fortune-telling industry machine, where anyone can get a bit of insight into their future – as long as they can afford it. The industry likes to consider itself fair, but of course, it fuels the rise of the wealthy while the poor make the best of figuring out their own way. It kills Esthree that she’s enabling that gulf, but she’s got as much debt to pay off as anyone. She’ll walk, as soon as she can afford it.

Bolide Blueshift is a mathematician at The Agency of Dragons and Stars and Things; one of the leading global institutions trying to make scientific sense of the universe we live in. She worked hard to get that position, and she adores it, but she’s being held back. Her colleagues are travelling the world and working on secret projects, while she’s stuck in the office. She’ll find a way to prove herself to them, one way or another.

Fiscal Gaap is the Lord Administrator Wizard of The Agency of Dragons and Stars and Things. He’s got money. He’s got authority. But shit, he’s bored. Public science funding never did anything that really excited him. He’s gonna found the next big technology startup – as soon as he figures out what it’s going to do.

And of course, these characters live perfectly quiet and uneventful lives. There certainly aren’t any conflicts for them to worry about.

Nope. Not a sausage.

Well, maybe a bit…

A new podcast for writers!

Here’s something awesome I wanted to share: The Writer’s Life with Michael La Ronn is a new podcast that launched this week.

I’m sure I must’ve talked about Michael before. His YouTube videos were one of the big motivators that triggered me to start writing. He’s an experienced author, and a wonderful presenter.

In fact, the first episode of the podcast is sponsored by the author’s own book Magic Souls. It’s an interactive, choose-your-own-adventure urban fantasy, and I really enjoyed playing along. If you like that sort of thing, check it out!

Goals for next week

I’m not going to set any big goals for Esthree Postbuild and the Agency of Dragons and Stars and Things this week. Monday is a public holiday here in the UK, so I’ll be at home to get some writing done, but then the rest of the week is business as usual.

Until the weekend, anyway. From Saturday lunchtime to Monday lunchtime, I’ll be taking part in the Sci-Fi London 48-Hour Flash Fiction Challenge.

While I’m thinking about it, I suspect I’ll blog next week’s writing update on Monday after I’ve submitted my story.

Good luck with all your writing goals this week – especially if you’re taking part in the flash fiction challenge!