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Esthree sucks

20 May 2018

Right! After two weeks of agony, I achieved my one and only goal from last week and finally got my head fixed.

How about that writing, then?


I’m going through a rough patch with Esthree Postbuild.

Over the last few months, I’ve really discovered who the villain is. His goals and conflicts are all laid out, and now he’s easy to outline around. He has good intentions, but he acts them out selfishly. From his entry into the story through to his tragic farewell, he’s awesome.

But our hero – Esthree Postbuild, herself? Shit. She’s impossible. I just can’t make her active in her own story. She doesn’t have any personal beef with the villain; almost anybody on Earth could take her place, and experience exactly the same antagonism.


But… But! As soon as I’ve got Esthree all figured out, I feel like the outline will finish itself. I feel like this is one of the last big challenges left in the planning.

So, that’s my goal for this week: Forget the plot for the moment, and focus on giving Esthree some serious goals and conflict with the villain.