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February 2018 writing goals

31 January 2018

Whoa… so, I was just sitting on the sofa after a day at my day-job, and I flicked on YouTube, and I saw Kathryn DeSinaasappelen’s February Monthly Goals video, and I was all like…

…it’s the end of January already?!

And yup. It is.

Damn! Okay, I better get my ass in gear…

January retrospective

I gave myself one goal for January:

The goal for January is pretty simple: finish MCSI: Kids Today and get it submitted to the MCSI: Magical Crime Scene Investigation anthology.

Well – as you know already – I totally dropped that goal.

I wasn’t in love with the story. I didn’t put in the time I needed to. I missed the deadline.

I’m finding it hard to get upset about it, to be honest. It would’ve been great to get a story finished, but not that one. That one sucked.

February goals

Now that I’m back on my Esthree Postbuild novel (well, series now), that’s what I need to focus on.

So, goal #1 is to get the whole trilogy outlined. I don’t want to start drafting until I’m pretty sure how the whole thing will work out, so that high-level outline will be essential.

Goal #2 is for me to sort out my writing space. I need a place where I can write with focus and comfort, and I’m gonna quit procrastinating.

Actually, let me bring you in on a little secret: I’ve already set up a new writing space this week, and — oh boy — it sucks. I won’t go into detail now, because I’m saving it for an epic rant post.

Anyway, writing in this new desk setup is driving me bonkers, so I’m outta here.