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Flash Fiction Challenge: FAIL; Health Challenge: FAIL

15 April 2018

I know, I know. I was supposed to post an update last week, right after I submitted my Sci-Fi London 48-Hour Flash Fiction Challenge story.

I’m gutted to say: I didn’t finish my story. And then I got so humongously sick, I didn’t do anything for a week.

What happened to the Sci-Fi London 48-Hour Flash Fiction Challenge?

I was blessed with an awesome randomly-assigned title and scientific concept; there’s a lot you can do with a story titled Far, Far Away about the universe’s expansion ceasing.

And the story I came up with was all right! It was a bit hokey to be sure, but perfectly acceptable for a flash fiction challenge.

The problem wasn’t in getting the story out onto the page, though. The problem was in the editing. The first draft was well over 3,000 words, and I had to get it down to 2,000.

3,100 words written

It was a struggle to figure out what to cut. The story was already as tight as I wanted it, and losing a third was tough.

In the end, I plain-old ran out of time. It was only a 48-hour challenge, but I still had housework and chores to do. Responsibilities don’t evaporate just because you want to go and write a story. And by Sunday night, I was beginning to feel like hell.

Something told me I wasn’t going to be touching the keyboard at all on Monday morning for last-minute editing.


And yeah, Monday morning rolled in, and I was sick. I had a killer migraine, I couldn’t keep water down, and my muscles were seized up.

It was supremely shitty.

I ended up taking the entire week off from my day-job, and so I don’t have any kind of writing update to share. It’s been a crappy, low-energy week.

Next week’s goals

I’m still working on summarising the story top-to-bottom, so I’ll continue with that. By next Sunday, I want this summary done!