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“Holly Rhombus and the Bloody Void”—Ready for NaNoWriMo 2018!

30 October 2018

Hey folks! Long time, no see!

I’ve spent the last month discovering and refining an idea for NaNoWriMo, and tonight was my last-minute chance to wrap up my preparation for November. Wednesday nights are date nights, so this is it. My notes are done, and the title is pencilled in.

“Holly Rhombus and the Bloody Void”

It’s a story set in the same fantasy world as Esthree Postbuild and the Agency of Dragons and Stars and Things. While Esthree Postbuild is a magically-gifted young woman living in a post-war world that mistakenly sees her kin as cowards, Holly Rhombus is an ungifted thief who really just wants to save herself before war breaks out, with a guardian—Mycroft, a magic-sensitive-farmer—who has a plan to get them both the hell outta there.

All Holly has to do is infiltrate a Void Hunt—gig-economy, government-contracted magic protectors—and gain their trust just enough for her to swipe a rock of raw, beautiful Landfallen Void from under their noses.

The thing is, the Void Hunt don’t just protect the Void from thieves. As Holly will discover, she needs to be protected from the Void.

The Plan

0 words written.

0 words written.

I’ve got about 50 scenes, so I’m aiming for about 1,000 words in each.

I’ve set up my project in Ulysses, and split my outline into a group for each major beat.

The name of the group includes:

  • The index of the final scene in that group. For example, the 1st Plot Point runs from scene 13 to 18.
  • The date by which the group needs to be complete. For example, the 2nd Pinch needs to be done by the 22nd.

I’ve also configured the project with my deadline: I need 50,000 words by the end of the month, but exclude Wednesdays and Fridays because I won’t write on those nights. This gives me 22 writing days, so I need to average 2,300 words per day.

So, that’s my plan for NaNoWriMo! I hope you’re all ready to go!