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Magical Crime Scene Investigation “Kids Today” :: 2nd draft 40% done & blurb

14 January 2018

Woo-hoo! How about that for a bit of progress, then!

My submission for Otter Libris’ MCSI: Magical Crime Scene Investigation anthology — Kids Today – is chugging along.

I didn’t touch it at all during the week, since I’m still fighting the weekday anxiety of my day-job. However, I’ve had all weekend to play a bit of catchup.

(Granted, I’ve had the weekend to myself only because poor Alex has been sick and keeping his distance. Sorry, Alex – love you!)

Starting the second draft

Last week ended with about 4,500 words down and the first draft done. On Saturday, I went back up to the start and begun working through the second draft.

And let me tell you, it’s been so good to revisit the start of the story now that I have a better idea of who the characters are and how the story will end.

I’ve been able to fill in a load of the gaps I had to leave during the first draft, as well as sprinkle in some foreshadowing and reinforce the tone that seems to be naturally emerging.

I got up to 6,000 words by the end of Saturday – and I reckon I could’ve got a bit more done if there hadn’t been a power cut. Ah, well.

Instead, I spent the afternoon on my phone curating a playlist of The Best Steven Universe Covers in the World. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll… mostly cry, actually.

Sunday was more of the same, but I needed to work more on refinement than sheer word count.

So, I’m ending the week at 7,081 words, and about 40% of the second draft done.

7,081 words written


Y’know, it’s strikes me that I should probably write a blurb so you folks can get excited about this story.

As always, details are likely going to change before I’m done, but how about this…

Mr. Benson’s the kind of property developer who takes big risks and earns big rewards. More so than you might expect from that choice of career. While his colleagues are buying cheap offices to renovate and lease, he’s spending fortunes on leisure parks.

His gambles pay off, too. Every time.

Mind you, it’s not really a gamble if your past and future timelines are at your fingertips to explore.

And if a little nostalgic memory would help a client make the_ right decision_, then he’s happy to share a hint of that power. Just enough for a little emotional sway. There’s no harm done if everyone walks away happy, right?

While he’s inspecting his latest acquisition on the English south coast, the property is vandalised by trespassers. With the under-resourced local police unable to help, Mr. Benson takes the matter into his own hands.

After all – with his advantage, what could possibly go wrong?

Kids Today is an urban fantasy short story with queer love, physical assault, and righteous vengeance in less than 10,000 words.

The plan for this week

I’ve got a long weekend booked off at the end of this week, so I’m hoping to make some serious progress.

I’ll be spending Friday morning up in Exeter, having breakfast with some local creative buddies, then maybe getting some writing done in the afternoon before Alex comes over. I’ll have Sunday as usual to get some work done, and then I’ve got Monday booked off to focus on this story some more.

So, let’s say my plan for next Sunday’s update is… to have the second draft nearly done. I want to be working in the final beat, if not done already.