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13 May 2018

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

Remember last week?

I had some surgery mid-week, and I’ve been on enough sedatives to utterly lose track of time.

Also, my head hurts.

Well, it turns out that the reason why my head was hurting so much was because the surgery wasn’t entirely successful.

I won’t go into detail. Suffice it to say, I’ve been in the most mind-popping pain this weekend that I’ve ever experienced. Not even codeine has been able to touch it. The entire right side of my body – from the top of my head, down to my chest – has been in muscle-tearing, bone-crunching agony.

I - am - somewhat - losing - my - mind.

Yeah, but what about the writing?

The writing is going terribly.

The problem is, the protagonist and the antagonist are significantly distant from each other. See, the antagonist has a problem that the reader will be sympathetic to, but he’s going to solve it in a horrifically selfish way. But the protagonist doesn’t know the antagonist at all. She doesn’t know about his problem. She only gets involved because the fallout from his selfish plan threatens her way of life.

And it’s tough to write because it’s fucking convoluted and weak.

I want the reader to know the antagonist’s plan, because I want to show his tragic story. But I also want his plan to be a mystery that unfolds as the story progresses. I also want to bring the protagonist and antagonist into direct conflict, but they’re so distant that – so far – I’m relying on too many coincidences.

So, I’m working on rejigging the framework of the story. I need to decrease the distance between the protagonist and the antagonist. I need to make the story less about the revelation of the secret, and more about conflicts between the way these characters want to react to it, but the limitations preventing them.

I reckon I’ll be able to keep the awesome setpieces I’ve already drafted. There are some key events which don’t need to change much at all. But the conflict between the hero and the villain needs to become a hell of a lot more personal.

So, that’s what I’m working on in my moments of lucidity.

The plan for next week

Get my head fixed once and for all. Sod the writing; all I want this week is for my doctor to put me under and cut the pain out.