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17 June 2018

Oh, what a week. I hope you were all more productive than I’ve been!

London, baby!

I had a trip to London this week to attend a technology unconference, so I had a few days less to write in. I did manage to get some writing done on the train, but I can only take so much over-heating and cramping before I lose my mind.

I know you all want to know, how did my talk go? Well…

It wasn’t a good sign when I checked the schedule the night before and discovered I was competing with “popular” sessions…

My session ain't popular

Still, I had a “fun” late night working on my presentation.

Working into the night

And on the day… well, only one unconference attendee actually came along – and she thought I was going to talk about something else.

So, that was kind of a bummer.

But, you know what? It’s always cool to see the city.

East India DLR

East India DLR

East India DLR

And thank the Lords of Kobol that I booked a flight home and avoided the weekend rail chaos!

Anyway, let’s get back to business.

Did I hit that goal?

This time last week, I had eight story beats sketched out:

Writing 1,000 words per beat

My goals were to:

  1. Write 1,000 words against each story beat.
  2. Complete the summary for each story beat.

Did I hit those goals?

The short answer is: no.

I hit the 1,000-word goal for a few of the beats, but the rest languished a bit. It took me a few days to figure out the flaw in my plan: I was throwing all my characters’ introductions together into the same summary, all their midpoints into the same summary, all their climaxes into the same summary… and so on.

I couldn’t easily make sure that each character was getting the development that they needed. There were too many gaps in the story that I couldn’t fill because even the summaries were too tangled-up.

So, I split the single list of beats out into a group for each character:

Writing beats per character

And now that the summaries are broken out, it’s much easier to see where the story’s weaknesses are:

  • Esthree’s story is the most thought-out, but there’s some weakness in the end of Act 2.
  • Fiscal’s beginning and end are thought-out, but he doesn’t have an Act 2.
  • Bolide has a strong Act 2, but no beginning or end.

My goal for next week

My goal – again! – is to get these beats nailed.

This time next week, I want 500 words per character’s beat. That’s 4,000 words per character. That’s 16,000 words in total.

Monday is gonna be awesome!

Since I knew last week was going to be exhausting, I planned ahead and booked this Monday off from my day-job so I can meet my buddies Mark and Andy for breakfast.

Mark’s novella Dead Stop has recently been released in paperback, and is a fantastically funny romp with ghosts, zombies, and an evil corporation. Check it out!

And Andy recently went up against Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain in a debate about video game addition. His next book – Taming Gaming – is about healthy video gaming and up for crowdfunding now.

Anyway, have a great week everyone! Get those words out, take care of yourself, and make the world a better place.