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Week 1/16: 20,566 words

08 July 2018

It’s the end of the first week of my 16-week plan and I’m on-target!

I needed to get the first beat half-done, and I hit that 5,000-word goal!

5,221 words written

Overall, the story is at 20,566 words now, which has nudged me over the 25% milestone!

20,556 words written

I wish I’d done a bit more

I didn’t record my exact word count last week, but I know that combining all the points-of-view “netted me 16,000 words in total”. So, let’s round off, and say I wrote 4,000 words last week.

I’d feel a bit more comfortable about achieving my 16-week plan if I could get that up to 5,000 words per week. 5,000 would certainly give me a buffer for bad weeks in the future.

To an extent, this week was just one of those “bad” weeks. I had food poisoning all day Sunday and didn’t get anything done. I went to my day job on Monday morning, but came home in the afternoon and took another day-and-a-half off sick. For the rest of the week, I wasn’t so much sick as I was exhausted.

Anyway, I want to work on getting that word count up.

Constantly reminding myself that the first draft is not the final draft

The biggest challenge for me right now is reminding myself that the first draft is not the final draft.

I keep catching myself pausing and thinking about what perfect word to use in a sentence, and that’s just wrong. Now’s not the time. Now’s the time for getting words out, getting the story told, and the polishing comes later.

So, I really need to work on keeping the words flowing and worrying far less about sculpting it just yet.

See you next week!

According to the 16-week plan, by this time next week I need to have the first beat entirely done. That’s essentially 5,000 words, but I’d love to get even more done so I’ve got a head-start on the next goal.

I hope you’re all achieving your dreams!