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Week 10/12: 72,643 words

09 September 2018

Oh. My. Stars.

I’ve breached 70k, and I’ve got less than 10k left before I hit my first draft goal.

Oh. My. Stars.

72,643 words written

It’s a 12-week plan now!

I’ve managed to get myself a week ahead of schedule again!

According to the 13-week plan, I needed to get Beat 7 half-done by today, and it’s now totally done.

So now, the 13-week plan is a 12-week plan, and there are only two weeks left:

  • 9th September: Beat 7 done.
  • 16th September: Beat 8 half-done.
  • 23rd September: Beat 8 done.

To be honest, with only 7,000 words left I’m really hoping to knuckle-down and get 1,000 words down every night to wrap this up ahead of time. As always, I don’t write on Wednesday or Friday nights because they’re date nights with Alex, but I know I could work harder on those other nights.

Thinking about the edit

Oh boy, I’m hungry for that first edit!

I haven’t worried at all about prose for this first draft. I’ve been focussing on just getting the story written out in detail. The themes and morals that I want to shine through are barely visible. And there are some gaping holes where research and technical details are needed.

Every time I’ve thought of something that I need to add in earlier – or remember to add in later – I’ve made a note there-and-then in the manuscript. More often than not, the note isn’t in the “right” place, but at least it’s out there and searchable.

I’ve got notes like this – highlighted in yellow – all over the place:

Marked-up notes.

Marked-up notes.

My plan for the edit is to do (at least) two passes:

  1. The first pass picks up all my notes, moves them to the right place, and drafts out any new scenes.
  2. The second pass crafts the words and makes the story. This where I actually do the work to “fix it in the edit”.

After that… I’m not sure what I’ll do.

I might let it sit for a month before I read it again and do a third-and-final edit.

I might send it out to some beta readers and give them a month to read it and give me some feedback.

I don’t want to give it to my editor too early because I don’t want to pay for multiple rounds of editing on issues that my beta readers could’ve picked up for me for free. But I do like the idea of getting a professional edit as soon as possible.

I’m not sure!

If it isn’t abundantly clear, this is my first novel. Everything I’m doing here, I’m doing for the first time.

Next time, I should have a pretty good idea of what works for me. Right now, though – no clue. No clue at all!