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Week 11/12: 75,719 words

16 September 2018

Check it out! Less than 5k to hit my 80k goal for this first draft!

75,719 words written

I’m half-way through the climax, which puts me right on-schedule in the 12-week plan.

I had planned to be a bit further along…

To be honest, with only 7,000 words left I’m really hoping to knuckle-down and get 1,000 words down every night to wrap this up ahead of time. As always, I don’t write on Wednesday or Friday nights because they’re date nights with Alex, but I know I could work harder on those other nights.

…but I’m happy enough where I’m at.

I’m still struggling to find the energy to even stay awake when I get home from my day job, so writing is a challenge for sure. But, y’know, if I only get 500 words down, at least it’s 500 words closer to done. It’s better than being 0 words closer.

Making the ending meaningful

Making the end mean something – anything! – has always been one of my biggest worries, if not the biggest.

And I think I’m doing okay so far.

The big climactic battle uses magic I’ve established but in a new, unusual, but not rule-breaking way. Actually, it tosses two elements of magic together in a way that isn’t seen at all previously, but each element is individually so well-defined that I hope the result is surprising, but not unpredictable. I suspect some folks will predict the first element of the reaction, but maybe not the second. I’m kinda jazzed about it!

Both of the heroes have arcs too, which I’ll strengthen in the edit. Right now, the draft is a bit on-the-nose, but I think there are some decent ideas in there.

Is this the final week of the first draft?

If I stick to the schedule, then this time next week I’ll have a finished 80k first draft on my hands.

I don’t want to jinx it by celebrating too early, so… see you next week!