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Week 2/15: 26,454 words

15 July 2018

Week 2 of 15? Shouldn’t that be 16?

It was, but I’m ahead of schedule!

Revising the 16-week plan

According to the original 16-week plan, I should have beat 1/8 totally done by today, and beat 2/8 half-done by next week.

Well, beat 1/8 is done (in fact, I over-wrote slightly) and I’ve already hit next-week’s goal! Beat 2/8 is 5,513 words into its 10,000 word goal!

5,513 words written

Rather than rest on my laurels, I’ve decided to shrink the 16-week plan to a 15-week plan, and finish the first draft a week earlier than I originally anticipated:

  • 15th July: Beat 2/8 is 50% done.
  • 22nd July: Beat 2/8 is done.
  • 29th July: Beat 3/8 is 50% done.
  • 5th August: Beat 3/8 is done.
  • 12th August: Beat 4/8 is 50% done.
  • 19th August: Beat 4/8 is done.
  • 26th August: Beat 5/8 is 50% done.
  • 2nd September: Beat 5/8 is done.
  • 9th September: Beat 6/8 is 50% done.
  • 16th September: Beat 6/8 is done.
  • 23rd September: Beat 7/8 is 50% done.
  • 30th September: Beat 7/8 is done.
  • 7th October: Beat 8/8 is 50% done.
  • 14th October: Beat 8/8 is done.

That’s the introductory world-building done!

In these first 10,000 words, each of the main characters has been introduced, has spent some time in their regular lives, and has had a problem (or two) to overcome.

The inciting incident hasn’t happened yet, but their world has been built. I’ve demonstrated the magic system, the technology available, and the conflict between the groups inhabiting this world.

I’ve tried really hard to not make it an info-dump, too. Magic is explained a bit-at-a-time in every-day scenarios. Technology is explained while the characters use it to live their lives. And their conflict… well, aggression is just a little high in this world right now, and it’s unavoidable.

And it’s going well, but… I’m really excited about getting to the inciting incident next week, so things can start going wrong for my heroes and villains!


I’ve got a few worries pounding upside my head. I’m trying to ignore them, since I logically know it’s too early in the game, but still…

  • The four main characters are too separated. They don’t interact with each other much at all. I know this is going to change later in the story, when they start to converge, but I’m worried that the opening is too disjointed.
  • The hero and the villain won’t interact until way later in the story. I know that each’s actions will affect the other, but they won’t actually be in the same room for a very long time. I worry that they’re just not compelling foils for each other.
  • Imposter Syndrome is killing me.

I’ll call that a good week!

26,454 words written

I’m 26,454 words in, which is kinda awesome. In a couple of hundred more, I’ll be one-third of the way to my 80,000 word goal. By this time next week, I ought to have breached 30,000.

Writing is intimidating. This story is intimidating. But – oh boy – I’m having with it!

I hope you all had an awesome week!