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Week 3/14: 35,409 words

22 July 2018

Check it out! 35,409 words!

35,409 words written

Revising the 15-week plan

This first draft is going so well, I’m a week ahead of schedule again!

According to the 15-week plan, I should have beat 2/8 finished by today and beat 3/8 half-done by next week. Actually, beat 3/8 is well over half-done already!

Plot beats

So, I’m knocking the 15-week plan down to a 14-week plan, and planning to have the first draft done by the first week of October:

  • 29th July: Beat 3/8 is done.
  • 5th August: Beat 4/8 is 50% done.
  • 12th August: Beat 4/8 is done.
  • 19th August: Beat 5/8 is 50% done.
  • 26th August: Beat 5/8 is done.
  • 2ndSeptember: Beat 6/8 is 50% done.
  • 9th September: Beat 6/8 is done.
  • 16th September: Beat 7/8 is 50% done.
  • 23rd September: Beat 7/8 is done.
  • 30th September: Beat 8/8 is 50% done.
  • 7th October: Beat 8/8 is done.


The reason why I’ve beat my goal every week since I started the first draft is that I underestimated my daily achievable word count.

When I’m planning and outlining, I know I can get out around 5,000 words per week. What I hadn’t really considered, though, is that around half of that time was spent thinking rather than typing.

Now that I’m working from a plan, far less thinking is required. I’ve already worked out what needs to go into each scene. I’ve already summarised it all. Now, all I need to do is expand each paragraph into a scene. I don’t need to wonder “What is Esthree thinking here?” or “What will Bolide do next?” because I’ve already worked it out.

And so, it turns out, when I know what I’m writing then I can hammer out about 2,000 words a night when I get home from my day job.

And it feels pretty good!

So, where am I at?

The Inciting Incident is done and dusted, and now everyone has been – or is right on the cusp of being – kicked out of Act 1 and thrown into the unfamiliar, chaotic realm of Act 2.

They’ve all been given a flavour of the thing that they thought they wanted, and it wasn’t quite what any of them expected.

So now, while our villains are revelling in their element and getting stronger, our heroes are in disarray and figuring out how to survive in their new world.

And they better learn fast, because the villains ain’t just sitting on their hands…

Another good week!

I’m not sure that I should get used to feeling his positively about this novel. I’m working much faster than I had anticipated. The story is flowing much more easily too – albeit with months of prior planning.

I really should try to remember that this novel has been in-progress since October of last year. Whatever velocity I have now is only due to all that planning over the last year. No matter how quickly I write this first draft, I’ve got to get faster at the planning. There’s no way I’m going to release a series with only one novel per year.

Must go faster. Must go faster.

Anyway, I hope you’re all doing great!