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Week 6/13: 50,784 words

12 August 2018

It’s been way too long since I’ve had this good of a run. 50,784 words ain’t bad!

50,784 words written

And look! Four-and-a-half beats done out of eight! Seeing those circles fill up is a real motivator.

Plot beats

Revising the 14-week plan

I’m slightly ahead of schedule again. Beat 5 is half-done, which wasn’t due until next week, so here’s the new 13-week plan:

  • 12th August: Beat 5/8 is 50% done.
  • 19th August: Beat 5/8 is done.
  • 26th August: Beat 6/8 is 50% done.
  • 2nd September: Beat 6/8 is done.
  • 9th September: Beat 7/8 is 50% done.
  • 16th September: Beat 7/8 is done.
  • 23rd September: Beat 8/8 is 50% done.
  • 30th September: Beat 8/8 is done.

At this rate, the first draft will be done by the end of September, and not October like I originally planned. This is…

…well, this is kinda unbelievable, to be honest.

I can’t believe that I’ve been able to come this far, and that I’m so close to having a first draft done.

Thinking about editing

While I’m close to finishing the first draft, I don’t want to con myself into believing that I’m nearly done period. The first edit is going to be hard.

This first draft is far from cohesive. It’s closer to being a one-way stream-of-consciousness telling of the story.

There are some chapters that will immediately be chopped in half, because I’ve told them in two different ways and I’ll decide which one to keep later.

I’ve also laced the draft with notes to myself, to say, “Don’t forget to establish this earlier,” or “Need a scene at the beginning where X, Y, and Z happens.”

I’m expecting the edit to be slow-going. I’m hitting around 5,000 words per week on this draft, but don’t think I’ll hit even half that rate with the edit.

Story progress

The story is well and truly in the midpoint right now. Our reluctant heroes are changing their mindsets, and our villains are doubling-down on their evil. Folks who have spent the entirety of the story thus far reacting to their bad situations are starting to get a bit of motivation to take their destiny into their own hands.

This growth is far easier to write for some characters than for others. Bolide – our hero scientist – has been put through the wringer big time in the first half of the story. Far more so than I had originally planned. She coming out of it steeled and motivated to make a change, though.

On the other hand, Esthree – our hero fortune teller – is more on a journey to overcome self-pity and self-destructive behaviour. If you think that sounds a bit boring to read about, you’re entirely correct. I’m not worried too much because I reckon I’ll have a good mental idea of how to fix her by the time I come to the edit, and I reckon she’ll be heavily rewritten.

But, y’know, that’s fine. I’d much rather have a bad first edit I can fix, than to be too paralysed with uncertainty to even start the first draft.