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Week 7/13: 55,918 words

19 August 2018

I’m happy to report that I’m on-schedule, and that I hit my 7th week goal in the 13-week plan, but – for the first time in a while – I’m exactly on-schedule and not running ahead.

It’s not been a great week for writing

On Monday, I was dealing with the water company telling me I’ve likely got a leak, and bumping my monthly bill up to £100 – £100! A month! For water! – until I get it resolved. I’m trying to get my landlord interested in investigating it, but… well… landlords, right?

On Tuesday, I’d had enough of not having a writing desk any more, and with Alex and I needing to share a cramped sofa whenever we need to work. Neither of us are really at our peak, here. So I spent the evening measuring up for a desk for us to share, then I hit the IKEA website to order it. That’s arriving tomorrow, and I’ve got the day booked off from my day-job to wait in and build it.

Then Wednesday and Friday are our date nights, so I only really had Thursday evening last week to write.

But I’m not really complaining – much. At least I’m on-schedule!


I’ve just finished writing the midpoint, which put another green dot in my sidebar.

55,918 words written

The midpoint isn’t wrapped up in a tight little bow yet, but it’s pretty close.

Bolide’s midpoint is more about dealing with assholes and making a mindset shift about her work, which has worked out really well I think.

Esthree’s midpoint is more action-packed, and while I’ve laid out what needs to happen, I haven’t gone into the detail of how yet. I’m leaving some gaps to fill in later, when I inevitably need to come back and establish some skills or knowledge before a later scene.

I’m not sweating the details yet. I’m putting faith in the process. It’s working out so far!

What’s next?

Next up is the second pinch-point. Our heroes are riding high on their successes at the midpoint – in fact, in a lot of ways, they’ve achieved everything that they wanted and by rights they should be happy – but their successes have lead to some personal revelations, and now they see a somewhat-different path ahead of them. It’s a path they’re compelled to follow. And on top of their new goals, they’re about to suffer a new attack from their antagonists.

The next 10,000 words will be tightening their resolve, and setting them on a one-way path to another world-change, which will lead into the third act.

I hope your writing is going well!