T+1: The hangover doesn't help

Yowser. What a day.

I had some lovely leaving drinks at Spoken with my Thomson Reuters ex-colleagues last night.

Actually, I think I had a lot of lovely leaving drinks.

Actually… maybe I had a few too many lovely leaving drinks.

But it was perfect, and thank you all for coming.

Stuff I did today

I’ve got a guest post on the way for an awesome blog, and I’m focussing on that right now to get it delivered to the editor as soon as possible.

I wrapped up the first draft this morning, then hit the second draft hard this afternoon.

1,739 words written.

Stuff I learned today

Espresso Monster is weird.

Can of Espresso Monster coffee.

I love Monster. I love coffee. But I don’t know about coffee with that Monster aftertaste.

It’s weird.

Plotting an IKEA haul

This is my home office desk.

My very messy home office desk.

This is silly. I can’t work here. I know it, but I’m stuck. But we’re really struggling with storage in the apartment right now. Ever since Alex, my boyfriend, moved in a year or so ago, we’ve been trying to squash two peoples’ belongings into an apartment meant for one.

And it’s not all quite fitting.

I think it’s about time for an IKEA haul. Later in the month, for sure, not just yet. We need a new sofa. We need a new bedside cabinet. And we need furniture with a damned lot of storage.

Stuff I enjoyed today

I’m a big fan of Lindsay Ellis and her analysis videos, and this comparison of Independence Day and War of the Worlds within the context of the world when they were released is superb.

I’m head-over-heels in love with Adam Savage, and watching him build stuff is the next best thing to building stuff myself. One day, I’ll have a garden and a shed and a workshop. Until then, I could watch him build stuff for hours.

Neon Genesis Evangelion is pretty much the best thing ever – not counting the straightwashed Netflix release – and this human-sized sculpture of Lilith is gorgeous.

Stuff I’ll do tomorrow

My priority is to get the guest post done. If I can get that wrapped up then I’ll spend the rest of the day chilling out, maybe read a book, and enjoy some self-reflection.

Stay healthy, folks!