T+2: No Sunday Fear

I’m taking this switch to indie working as an opportunity to significantly shake-up my eating habits.

During my old day-job, I sat on my ass all day and ate exclusively junk. I’ll talk about my new exercise regime tomorrow, but today I started watching what I eat.

I haven’t gone shopping on Sundays usually because I’ve been trying to squeeze in as much work as possible. Now that life’s a little more laid-back, a little trip out into the sunshine was nice!

Slobbing in my pyjamas usually means I haven’t gone out to pick up fresh veggies. Today’s meals would typically have been something canned or something rehydrated.

Well, I actually went out shopping this morning! I got some real cereal, bags of fresh veg and a pizza, and that’s what I ate today. No chocolate. No ice-cream. No crisps. No junk.

And the pizza and veg were cheap because they were about to go off. As an absolute omnivore, I’m lucky that I can discount-dive and be happy with whatever I find. And now that I’ve got more time in the day, I intend to do it a whole lot more.

I even cut the pizza in half and made it last the day. And yes, I’m bloody starving! But I do feel far less crap than I do after I’ve spent a day eating Doritos.

Stuff I did today

I’m going to make a habit of stepping away from the keyboard on Sundays, but not this Sunday. I mentioned yesterday a guest post I was writing, and I wanted to get it wrapped up as a priority.

And now it’s with the editor to review, and I’ll likely get some feedback for changes at some point.

1,837 words written.

Stuff I learned today

Today, I learned that I feel better when I eat healthier and go outside in the sunshine.

I need to remember this.

Stuff I enjoyed today

I watched Adam Savage build a bunch more things today. It’s so therapeutic. Like stroking a cat.

Mental note: I need to figure out some way to go work on something with Adam.

In The Problem Solving of Filmmaking, David F. Sandberg shares a couple of interesting problems he had when filming Shazam. I think many storytellers can relate to the concessions we make when we need to get characters from A to C via B.

Stuff I’ll do tomorrow

Big day tomorrow!

I’ve got a dedicated desk booked at the Propeller:Exmouth coworking space where I’ll be getting my head down and into some serious work.

The minimum I want to achieve tomorrow is:

  1. Respond to feedback from the guest post blog’s editor and send a revised draft out.
  2. Review the state I left getcodelove.com in and write an article for it.

…and if I have time then I’ll review the latest draft of the still-untitled non-fiction book and crack on with that.