T+3: I miss knowing what to do

I’m woefully unprepared for the universe of opportunities ahead of me and the limited amount of time to figure out which will work.

When I had a day-job, I didn’t need to worry about whether or not my work was a “risk”. I didn’t need to worry about whether or not I was going to get paid.

And if any part of what I was doing was boring, it was easy to remember to suck it up. There was a well-defined job to be done, and it had to be done.

But now? Shit.

Stuff I did today

Today was my first day of coworking at Propeller:Exmouth!

I took some fruit in to share, and my desk is glorious.

The two things I needed to do today got done:

  • I worked with the editor of my guest post to get it ready for publishing tomorrow. And it looks like it’s safe for me to announce that the post is for theparttimeartist.com!


Bathroom scales showing 111 kg.

I weigh 111 kg. That’s 245 lbs.

When the hell did that happen?

Probably slowly. Probably over 14 years of sitting at a desk and eating junk food.

Apart from eating more healthily, I’m committing to moving more. For a start, I’m going to take a run (or brisk walk until my legs adapt) every morning.

This morning was a nudge over 4 km, or nearly 2.5 miles.

The nice thing about not commuting via a bus anymore is that I’ve got an extra hour in the day. May as well spend it wisely!

Stuff I learned today

Today, I learned that… maybe my plan to make this a daily blog isn’t as workable as I’d thought. I love it, but the more I think about the work I’ve got to do, the more I want to focus on the stuff that’s going to pay my rent.

This takes time – and it’s more time than I’d anticipated.

I’m going to pull back from posting daily, and post when cool stuff happens instead.

Stuff I enjoyed today

Baby Shark improvised by a worship band:

The Dr. Mario theme played on a Nintendo guitar:

Fourier series animations for 12 satisfying minutes: