Cariad Eccleston

Hey there!

I’m Cariad Eccleston. It’s pronounced “carry-add eh-cull-stun”, and bless you for trying.

I’m just Cari to my friends. And I put BSc (Hons) on the end when I’m feeling sexy.

I love coding and I’ve worked on some awesome projects.

"She exemplifies what it means to work as a true DevOps engineer - having a firm grasp of both core development skills and the know-how to operate enterprise software in production.

Early in our journey to public cloud, she was a thought-leader on a small but pioneering team that found themselves at the tip of the spear for building in AWS at TR. Many of her contributions have influenced areas of central adoption of AWS in our enterprise, especially in some of the core “non-functional” areas (e.g. security, software delivery, instrumentation, and operations).

Cariad is a pleasure to work with and would be an extremely valuable addition to any project!"

Brian Schuweiler, Head of Architecture at Thomson Reuters

Life goals

  • Own my own home.
  • Work with Adam Savage.
  • Netflix buy the TV rights to my novel.