March 2018 writing retrospective and goals for April

It’s the last day of March, so let’s take stock of where I’m at! March retrospective Hiatus Ah… yeah, right. Not a whole lot got done in March. But I don’t think I regret it. I came back feeling stronger, better-prepared, and creatively wealthier. Let’s just not make a habit of dropping out, okay? New…

I’m back from hiatus, and trying to work it all out

Four weeks ago, I put the blog on hiatus while I figured some shit out. Rather than spend the next four weeks finding ways to rephrase “I haven’t worked on the story because I’m still finding time to think”, I’m gonna sign off and see you on 25th March. Well, it’s 25th March — and…


I’m taking a four-week hiatus from the blog.

Outlining is scary

This week, I’ve been planning and outlining. And — oh boy — this is the scariest part.

February 2018 writing goals

Whoa… so, I was just sitting on the sofa after a day at my day-job, and I flicked on YouTube, and I saw Kathryn DeSinaasappelen’s February Monthly Goals video, and I was all like…