ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting

ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting is a global financial reporting platform. It’s a collection of microservices built by small agile teams across the UK, India and USA.

Leading the new DevOps Team

Our original plan had been to host the platform on our own hardware, but the allure of Amazon Web Services eventually became irresistable.

In Janary 2016, I lead our first DevOps Team to focus on:

  • Building an AWS-native architecture to take advantage of cloud technologies.
  • Building an AWS-native continuous integration/continuous deployment pipeline to help developers get their code into AWS as quickly as possible.
  • Promoting the DevOps culture to the wider team so that they wouldn’t be dependent on our small team for operations.

We were handed the keys to a virgin AWS account, and given the aggressive deadline of delivering a Production environment for paying customers by the end of the year.

And in November, we did it.

Team leader contributions

In the beginning, we were a small agile team spread across the UK, India and USA. As time went on we gained team members in some regions and lost them in others, but we were always a multi-national team.

Communication and collaboration were always challenges, but I always tried to ensure that:

  • Our kanban was accurate and effective at allowing the team to focus on their work.
  • We got value out of our scrums and retrospectives, because acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses was key to our sprint-on-sprint improvements.
  • We asked Five Whys whenever things went wrong, and learned without blame.
  • We delivered high-quality code and documentation and shared everything to make our work super-easy for other teams to take onboard.
  • We built DevOps processes which encouraged self-service so the wider team could solve their own problems rather than wait for us.

Development contributions

The code contributions which I’m most proud of are:

  • Being a key influencer of our Amazon Web Services architecture, which is demonstrably scaling, highly-available and self-healing.
  • Accolades for high quality documentation, code and internal open source contributions which influenced and contributed to internal projects around the world.
  • Building our Python-based infrastructure-as-code framework, which enabled automated deployments of our platform into several AWS accounts.
  • Building our microservice deployment orchestrator; a TypeScript/Node.js service which deployed less-than Production and Production environments in response to HTTP requests, allowing it to be highly automated within our development pipeline.
  • Driving the adoption of standardised logging and metrics in Datadog.


“Cariad has been a tremendous asset to the DevOps team and critical to the successful build and roll out of ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting.

She has fantastic development skills and is creative and loves to experiment to find new solutions to fix old problems. She is also quick to speak up and proactive to recommend changes needed to make everything work better.

She really cares - about customers, about the business and about the quality of her work and this attitude is infectious.”

Charlotte Rushton, President, Tax Professionals at Thomson Reuters

“She exemplifies what it means to work as a true DevOps engineer - having a firm grasp of both core development skills and the know-how to operate enterprise software in production.

Early in our journey to public cloud, she was a thought-leader on a small but pioneering team that found themselves at the tip of the spear for building in AWS at TR. Many of her contributions have influenced areas of central adoption of AWS in our enterprise, especially in some of the core “non-functional” areas (e.g. security, software delivery, instrumentation, and operations).

Cariad is a pleasure to work with and would be an extremely valuable addition to any project!”

Brian Schuweiler Head of Architecture at Thomson Reuters

“It has been a pleasure working with Cariad at Thomson Reuters; as a team we have achieved some impressive things in a short space of time.

Cari is smart and capable, and has excellent technical, team lead, and communication skills (both verbal and written).

It is a shame to be losing such a valuable member of the company, but I have no doubt she will go on to do even more impressive things.”

Stu Smith, Principal Software Engineer at Thomson Reuters &